Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heard about a Book...

I heard a good review on NPR by Alan Cheuse of Ransom: A Novel by David Malouf:

"In Ransom, the Australian novelist David Malouf focuses on one of the great sequences in Homer and a lot of people would say in all Western literature one of the so-called embassy episodes of The Iliad.

"Priam, king of Troy, crosses the battle line in disguise to plead with Achilles for the body of his slain son Hector. Priam and his mule driver haul a cartload of Troy's gold, treasures he wants to exchange for the corpse of Hector.

"In his own intense and slightly formal fashion, David Malouf delivers his own cartload of treasure from this ancient material, and in exchange, we get a deep and stately rendering of a magnificent poetic sequence."