Monday, March 1, 2010

Heard about a Book...

In The New York Times Sunday Book Review yesterday, they reviewed the autobiography Willie Mays - The Life, the Legend by James S. Hirsch. It looks like a great book.

From the NY Times book review by Pete Hamill:

A long time ago in America, there was a beautiful game called baseball. This was before 30 major-league teams were scattered in a blurry variety of divisions; before 162-game seasons and extended playoffs and fans who watched World Series games in thick down jackets; before the D.H. came to the American League; before AstroTurf on baseball fields and aluminum bats on sandlots; before complete games by pitchers were a rarity; before ballparks were named for corporations instead of individuals; and long, long before the innocence of the game was permanently stained by the filthy deception of steroids.

In that vanished time, there was a ballplayer named Willie Mays.