Friday, March 5, 2010

Just Started...

I just started Mary and O'Neil by Justin Cronin. I'm 150 pages in and I can tell you this is a great book - after reading The Summer Guest (see February 10th) and this novel, Justin Cronin has become my new favorite author. He writes beautifully and his technique for advancing the story line from each character's perspective weaves all the pieces of their lives together in the end.

From the publisher's website:

Mary and O’Neil frequently marveled at how, of all the lives they might have led, they had somehow found this one together. When they met at the Philadelphia high school where they’d come to teach, each had suffered a profound loss that had not healed. How likely was it that they could learn to trust, much less love, again?

Justin Cronin’s poignant debut traces the lives of Mary Olson and O’Neil Burke, two vulnerable young teachers who rediscover in each other a world alive with promise and hope. From the formative experiences of their early adulthood to marriage, parenthood, and beyond, this novel in stories illuminates the moments of grace that enable Mary and O’Neil to make peace with the deep emotional legacies that haunt them: the sudden, mysterious death of O’Neil’s parents, Mary’s long-ago decision to end a pregnancy, O’Neil’s sister’s battle with illness and a troubled marriage. Alive with magical nuance and unexpected encounters,
Mary and O’Neil celebrates the uncommon in common lives, and the redemptive power of love.