Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reading List...

From Pat and Steve, besides recent reads of Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross (see February 22) and Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay (see February 14th), Pat recommends:

And Pat is currently reading Finn by John Clinch. She says, "Keep a dictionary handy!"

About Lottery from the author's website:

Perry’s IQ is only 76, but he’s not stupid. His grandmother taught him everything he needs to know to survive: She taught him to write things down so he won’t forget them. She taught him to play the lottery every week. And, most important, she taught him whom to trust. When Gram dies, Perry is left orphaned and bereft at the age of thirty-one. Then his weekly Washington State Lottery ticket wins him 12 million dollars, and he finds he has more family than he knows what to do with. Peopled with characters both wicked and heroic who leap off the pages, Lottery is a deeply satisfying, gorgeously rendered novel about trust, loyalty, and what distinguishes us as capable.

About Finn from the author's website:

Finn takes us on a journey into the history and heart of one of American literature’s most brutal and mysterious figures: Huckleberry Finn’s father. The result is a deeply original tour de force that springs from Twain’s classic novel but takes on a fully realized life of its own.