Monday, August 16, 2010

Heard about a Book...

I read about a mystery series by Naomi Hirahara with a reoccurring investigator, Mas Arai. Her most recent book is Blood Hina.

About the series by NPR:

So far, Mas has solved crimes in four books. We meet him in Summer of the Big Bachi, Hirahara's maiden effort, in which a murder in Pasadena forces Mas to confront the trauma of his Hiroshima past. In Girl, Mas' almost-estranged daughter needs him to clear her name—and his tall blond son-in-law's—when they're accused of murdering their boss. The third book, Gasa GasaSnakeskin Shamishen, has Mas trying to discover who killed the winner of a half-million-dollar lottery ticket, while he races against the clock to keep his lawyer alive. And in Hirahara's most recent book, Blood Hina, an expensive antique doll (or hina) goes missing just as Mas' best friend, Haruo, is about to marry his longtime fiancee, making Haruo a suspect—and making Mas his champion.