Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just Started...

Miss Sally reports, "I gave up on Ulysses by James Joyce. It was written in an early English style and very slow moving. I think the story was about four people in Dublin and followed them through the course of one day with many flashbacks for each character. However I listened to a CBC program on James Joyce and found out some interesting stuff about him. He was considered one of the first "modernist writers " in the same league as Hemingway. He lived in Paris for a while and spent a lot of time hanging out at a bookstore/coffee house owned by Sylvia Beech—she was an American living in Paris in the 1920's and she published this book for him—the only book she ever published. It was banned in the States because of some of the language and explicit text. To get around this she got her friends to take orders and had copies smuggled in, often through Canada. He often borrowed money from her and in the 1930's got her to give up her publishing rights so he could have it published by Random House which had a wider distribution and therefore more money for him. It would be of interest to read her biography as she was quite avant-garde for her time and helped a lot of struggling writers and lived quite the life in Paris."

I am now reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett (see March 22) and am enjoying it.