Monday, November 29, 2010

Just Finished...

I just finished The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton (see February 25th)—great book! In the story, one of the main characters mentions a book from their childhood called Five Go to Smuggler's Top by Enid Blyton. I poked around on the Internet and discovered I missed a huge childhood series published in the U.K. The Famous Five is a series of children's novels written by Enid Blyton. The first book, Five on a Treasure Island, was published in 1942. The novels feature the adventures of a group of young children—Julian, Dick, Anne, Georgina (George), and their dog Timmy. Blyton wrote 21 Famous Five novels, publishing the last in 1962:

1. Five on a Treasure Island (1942)
2. Five Go Adventuring Again (1943)
3. Five Run Away Together (1944)
4. Five Go to Smuggler's Top (1945)
5. Five Go Off in a Caravan (1946)
6. Five on Kirrin Island Again (1947)
7. Five Go Off to Camp (1948)
8. Five Get Into Trouble (1949)
9. Five Fall Into Adventure (1950)
10. Five on a Hike Together (1951)
11. Five Have a Wonderful Time (1952)

12. Five Go Down To The Sea (1953)

13. Five Go To Mystery Moor (1954)

14. Five Have Plenty Of Fun (1955)

15. Five on a Secret Trail (1956)

16. Five Go to Billycock Hill (1957)

17. Five Get Into a Fix (1958)

18. Five on Finniston Farm (1959)

19. Five Go to Demon's Rocks (1960)

20. Five Have a Mystery To Solve (1961)

21. Five Are Together Again (1962)