Monday, November 29, 2010

Reading List...

From Pat, an update of several things she and Steve have read lately.

Dancing to the Precipice: Lucy Dillon, Marquise De La Tour Du Pin by Caroline Moorehead - Great story. Biography of L
ucie de la Tour du Pin—it all takes place around the time of the French Revolution. If you like historical fiction, you will like this a lot.

Stones from the River by Ursula Hegi - Very good. Born in the small German town of Burdorf, Trudi Montag is a Zwerg—a dwarf—who yearns to stretch and grow and be like everyone else. But as she matures to become the town's librarian and unofficial historian, Trudi learns that being different is a secret that everybody shares.

The Help by Katherine Stockett - I listened to it. Great book especially listening to the maids tell their stories (see March 22nd).

Beach Music by Pat Conroy. Great book, but I got tired of it. It's about five stories in one, but worth
reading (see June 8th).

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah - Very good book.

The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory - Another feather in the author's cap (Pat also recommends The Other Boelyn Girl, see June 8th).