Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heard about a Book...

Once again an entire series of famous children stories has escaped me, only to be discovered upon hearing about the death of the author. Brian Jacques, author of the Redwall Adventures, died on February 5th. He published many fantasy adventures for children. Here is a list of the Redwall Adventures in the order they occur in time (publication date in parentheses):

Lord Brocktree (2000)
Martin the Warrior (1993)
Mossflower (1988)
The Legend of Luke (1999)
Outcast of Redwall (1995)
Mariel of Redwall (1991)
The Bellmaker (1994)
Salamandastron (1992)
Redwall (1986)
Mattimeo (1989)
The Pearls of Lutra (1996)
The Long Patrol (1997)
Marlfox (1998)
The Taggerung (2001)
The Tribes of Redwall: Badgers (2002)
Triss: A Tale of Redwall (2002)
Loamhedge (2003)
Rakkety Tam (2004)
High Rhulain (2005)
Eulalia! (2007)
Doomwyte (2008)
The Sable Quean (2010)
The Rogue Crew (2011)

About Redwall:

A vivid world known as Mossflower Wood comes to life in this fine fantasy-adventure, the first volume in Jacques' popular Redwall series. The kind and peaceful mice who live in Redwall Abbey are preparing for the worst. They've heard the rumor that Cluny the Scourge, an evil one-eyed rat, and his gang are coming to invade the Abbey. The mice believe that only the powerful sword of their legendary hero Martin the Warrior can save them. Unfortunately it's been lost for years. But young, bumbling mouse Mathias gathers up all his courage and sets off to find the sword so he can protect his friends and the beloved Abbey. He faces lots of danger and excitement along the way.