Monday, April 25, 2011

Reading List...

The summer readings lists are starting! Hurray! And from none other than Mr. Summer himself, Jimmy Buffett! Check out the Margaritaville Book Club (which really looks like another income source for!).

A classic Jack London called On the Makaloa Mat looked interesting to me. It was published in 1919 and contains seven stories set in Hawaii considered his "island tales." And if you are an eBook reader, it appears this short story collection can be download free! (iBooks, Kindle).

interesting looking summer read is Journey Without A Map by Gardner McCay. During his final year, McKay gathered his notebooks together and began writing this memoir of a life so richly varied that it would seem contrived if it were a movie script. Dozens of handwritten diaries were augmented by events he'd written about previously. Both devotees of his short stories and plays as well as fans from his years as a television star will enjoy his unusual insights and even more unusual adventures.