Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just Started...

Cheryl has just started The Sea Captain's Wife by Beth Powning, and says it's good so far.

From the author's website:

Growing up on the Bay of Fundy, Azuba Galloway dreams of going to sea. She watches magnificent ships slowly making their way into Whelan's Cove, the sense of exoticism bursting from their holds along with foreign goods. Years later when she meets a seasoned captain, Nathaniel Bradstock, and they fall in love, Azuba imagines an exciting life at sea with him. But Azuba becomes pregnant soon after they marry and Nathaniel, who knows too well the perils of life on a ship, refuses to allow Azuba to join him.

Days turn into weeks and months—voyages can take two, three years before the ship and crew make their way back to New Brunswick. When Nathaniel eventually does return, he discovers that a horrible mishap involving Azuba has caused a scandal and he is forced to take her and their young daughter aboard his ship. They set sail for London with bitter hearts.

Alone in a male world, surrounded by the splendour and terror of the open sea, the voyage will not only test her already precarious marriage, but everything Azuba believes in. With a sure hand, Beth Powning captures life aboard a sailing ship—the ferocious storms, the impossibly isolated ports of call, the grueling daily routine—and shows how love evolves even in the most extreme circumstances.

The Sea Captain's Wife is an awe-inspiring tour that captures the vigour of life, women at sea, in the Age of Sail and gives us an unforgettable young heroine who shows compassion, courage and love while under incredible duress.