Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heard about a Book...

For you WWII buffs, A Measureless Peril by Richard Snow looks very interesting.

About the book:

Author Richard Snow tackles the longest battle of WWII, the Battle of the Atlantic, which ran from 1939 through 1945. The story of this aspect of the war gets short shrift in most WWII histories and documentaries despite being the one area where Germany came the closest to actually winning the war. Snow takes the reader from the difficult early days of the war when the Allies struggled to deal with the U-Boat menace that was sinking a shocking amount of tonnage meant for Great Britain and later the Soviet Union which the members of the Kriegsmarine called "The Happy Time" through the painful evolution in tactics, technology & broken German codes that finally allowed the Allies to end the threat posed by the U-Boats. Snow introduces us to the brave men of the Merchant Marine and those who sailed on the newly introduced Destroyer Escort (DE) class specifically built to take on the U-Boats as they escorted Allied convoys across the Atlantic. As noted, author Snow's father was one of those who served on a DE during the war and his personal story along with those of many others bring the needed human element to the narrative of this battle. These stories bring home just how hostile the Atlantic was for the men on both sides of the fight as the ocean didn't play favorites. This work wasn't intended as a serious, in-depth study of tactics and strategy but Snow does provide a good overview to put these personal stories in context of the times these battles were fought. Those who desire to better understand the human toll taken by this battle would be hard pressed to find a better book from where to start as Snow's writing is readily accessible without the prerequisite need for extensive knowledge of this theater.